October 18-20, 2019
Prime Produce, NYC

Sukanya Aneja


Sukanya is an artist, programmer and researcher, currently interested in machine learning, computer graphics, networks, infrastructure and games. She is a masters candidate at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).

Exhibiting with Emma Rae Norton and Nicholas Gregg

Liquid Router

Liquid Router is a physical artwork that takes the form of an active Wi-Fi router––using the router as a medium to explore and demystify the implications of third-party web tracking. Through this project we are interested in asking questions of the development and architecture of hyper-scale tracking systems. We are also committed to raising awareness around the lack of transparency built into them.

The Liquid Router is built with a Raspberry Pi, and provides users with a wi-fi network to connect to. As they browse the Internet, the router 'leaks' liquid every time a request is sent to a known third-party tracker. Colored liquid diffuses into clear liquid, serving as a metaphor to the difficulty in quantifying and isolating the effects of these tracking systems. The router also displays information about the individual tracker, putting a face to this invisible background activity. Information on how this technology works, and the entire landscape around data harvesting will be disseminated through the form of a zine.

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