October 19-22, 2017
Brooklyn, NY

Radical Networks is a conference that celebrates the free and open Internet.

It fosters critical discussion on contemporary issues that include surveillance, the spread of misinformation, ownership of personal data, and the increasing opacity of "The Cloud".

It's also an arts festival that considers networking technology as an artistic medium, featuring works that run the gamut from ethical hacks to creative experiments to live performances.

This event brings together artists, activists, community organizers, journalists, technologists, educators, and the public, to exchange ideas and look under the hood of what makes the Internet work. Radical Networks is in its third year and it's the first festival and conference of its kind in the United States. It will take place in Brooklyn, NY from October 19-22, 2017.

Radical Networks happens in three parts:

Workshops (Thursday - Sunday). Geared towards total beginners, our workshops are where you can learn how to run your own wilderness wireless network, set up your own VPN, sniff packets, or map complex networks. Each year has a different offering of workshops depending on what kinds of proposals we receive.

Conference (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). We provide a stage for leading researchers and practitioners from all backgrounds—including artists, lawyers, engineers, writers, policy makers, educators, scientists, journalists, and community organizers—to share the work they have been doing to address the above outlined issues.

Exhibit (Thursday evening - Sunday). We curate an exhibit from an international roster of artists, both established and emerging, using radio and networking technology as their media. Through this Kickstarter campaign, you can gain access to an exclusive preview of the exhibit and an invitation to the opening party.

Who is Radical Networks for?

Radical Networks is a community event. We invite a broad range of people to attend—from those who are thinking about setting up their own community networks, to those interested in art that addresses the hyper-connectivity of our society, to those who are just curious about how the web works and how they can protect themselves online. There is something for everyone, at all levels of experience and interest.

Radical Networks is also a social event. We offer evening programming all weekend featuring performances and even a dance party or two.