November 4-6, 2016
Chemistry Creative, 315 Ten Eyck Street, Brooklyn NY

From mass surveillance to the over-commercialization of the Internet, the technology that we depend upon for community and connection is being compromised. The recent accessibility of networking technology through devices such as the Raspberry Pi and software such as BATMAN Adv has made it affordable and possible for everyday citizens to learn how to design their own web servers and networks.


  • To understand how the technology can be used as a method of control and how to subvert that.
  • Teach people how to use networking technology for themselves.
  • Encourage creative and social exploration with computer networks.


  • Promoting free and open networks built with free and open hardware and software.
  • Decentralizing the control of where networks exist and what and whom are served by them.
  • Maintaining control of our own content, hardware, and means of deployment.
  • Community and free expression first.