Sarah Grant

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Sarah Grant is a NYC + Berlin-based media artist, teacher, and founder of Radical Networks. Her interests are in systems, radio waves, computer networks, and sculpture. Sarah is the author of Subnodes and runs workshops all over the world teaching the basics of Internet technology. She is a former Research Fellow at the Tow Center for Journalism at Columbia, Adjunct Professor at NYU Polytechnic in Digital Media, and resident at the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center. Together with her partner Danja Vasiliev, she runs the interactive studio Cosmic.Berlin.

Björk Roi


Björk Roi is a Berlin-based producer and organizer. Drawing from a long experience in transfeminist, anti-globaliziation and environmental movements, she is involved in global feminist digital self-defense and digital rights networks. Her work is centred on women and LGBTIQ communities focusing on global capacity building in digital security and online privacy. Her extensive work in international networks across cultures, and her expertise in the field, gave her a strong footing in subcultural contexts and autonomous spaces / infrastructures at the community level. She has worked with various leading organisations and is currently engaged with the Digital Defenders Partnership at HIVOS. She is critically fascinated with technology, as a user and as a self-taught practitioner. Her hobbies include among others, challenging the power dynamic, socio-political & ecological impacts of the tech and data industries.