October 18-20, 2019
Prime Produce, NYC

Nancy Wachira

Nancy Wachira is an Information technology specialist with a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology. She is currently employed at Dimension Data Africa-Kenya as a Technical Support Engineer. In 2018, she was a youth Internet Governance Fellow at UNESCO in Paris France. She is also an ambassador of Digital Grassroots. Together with a team of young people, our goal is increasing digital literacy amongst the young population (14 - 29 years) globally in order to promote their activity as stakeholders in the Internet ecosystem at the most basic levels.


Youth Gathering at Radical Networks

There is an importance to having the youth, the generation with the highest levels of Internet usage, thinking critically about the use of connected systems either via optic cable, satellite, wireless connections to relay various data, communication and resources in different parts of the world. The main objective of the session is to connect youth who are involved in networks technology for social purposes and have a discussion on the importance of addressing infrastructure and networks critically.