October 19-21, 2018
Berlin, Germany

Theresa Enghardt

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Theresa is a PhD candidate and researcher at the Internet Network Architectures (INET) group at TU Berlin. With a background in telecommunications and computer science, she is doing research in computer networking. Her PhD topic is about how getting information about multiple available access networks from a host perspective, and how to make useful choices between them. Furthermore, she thinks a lot about the societal and political implications of technology and has a strong drive for social justice. Her main activist topics are bi-/pansexuality and intersectional feminism.

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Practical Hands-On Network Debugging

We all know how it works - you plug in a cable or type in a Wifi password, and then the icon changes, the lights turn green and everything's fine. Or maybe it doesn't work and you try to find the error. But how does networking function behind the scenes? What's an IP address and how do you actually get it? How does your computer manage to reach the whole world? How can you check what part of it went wrong? In this workshop, Theresa will give a basic overview of some concepts and some programs that can help you understand your network from your computer. Then you will have time to try the programs that I'm showing on your own computer. You don't have to be able to program for this. If something doesn't work, there will be help. :)

Beginners welcome! If you don't know anything about networking yet, this workshop is for you. If you know a bit, it's also for you. If you consider yourself an expert already, maybe it will be too boring.

Please bring your computer. Operating system doesn't matter, but I have the most experience with Linux. You probably already have the programs you'll need installed. We will work on the command line, using tools such as "ip", "ping", "traceroute", "host", and more.

Participants must bring their laptop to the workshop.