October 19-21, 2018
Berlin, Germany

Tamino Böhm

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The activist Tamino Böhm is the Head of Operation Moonbird - Sea-Watch e.v. He has been volunteering with Sea-Watch since the beginning of 2016. Since January 2018 he has been supervising the air surveillance project ‚Operation Moonbird‘. After the first operational year in 2015, Sea-Watch recognised that an air surveillance asset would be of high advantage in the Search and Rescue of boat people in distress. In 2016 several proto-missions took place with different aircrafts, until in 2017 ‚Operation Moonbird‘ was launched, which Tamino helped to set up. The aircraft is currently flying again from an alternative base after its operations had been criminalised and it had been blocked by Maltese authorities for more than 3 months.

He will highlight the current political and pretextual legal challenges of civil Search and Rescue operations in the Central Mediterranean.

Presenting with Adnan Hadzi

Boattr - Towpath as Urban Commons

The ‘boattr – living on the cut’ installation (by Natascha Sturny & Adnan Hadzi) depicts the canals of the British Waterways as a digital urban commons, through the artists’ journey on the narrow boat ‘Quintessence’ and the development of the ‘boattr’ prototype in collaboration with MAZI. The photographic triptych, by Natascha Sturny, is showcasing canal life in combination with the boattr prototype. Experience the British Waterways through accessing boattr with your WiFi enabled device over the WiFi SSID ‘boattr’.