October 19-21, 2018
Berlin, Germany

Grayson Earle

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Grayson Earle’s diverse technological practice is unified by a political approach to media making. Employing video games, video projection, algorithmic audiovisual generation, biological organisms, and robotics, his work tends to intervene on physical spaces and entrenched ideas. His creative practice articulates a repositioning of resistance to power that invites participation from reluctant citizens.

Presenting and Exhibiting

Bail Bloc

Bail Bloc is a cryptocurrency scheme against bail.

Its software uses idle processing power on your computer to mine for cryptocurrency, which is then used to help people awaiting trial who can’t afford to post bail.

Additional collaborators include Maya Binyam, Francis Tseng, JB Rubinovitz, Sam Lavigne, Dhruv Mehrotra, and the Dark Inquiry collective.