October 19-21, 2018
Berlin, Germany

Giseli Vasconcelos


Since the first decade of Internet in Brazil, Giseli Vasconcelos has been managing projects with collectives, activists, thinkers and few organizations. Co-organizer of the Festival Mídia Tatica Brasil (Tactical Media Lab Festival) , a node from the Festival The Next Five Minutes/N5M4 (Amsterdam) that spreads the concept of tactical media in Brazilian electronic art and activism she also co-organized the publication Net_cultura 1.0: DIGITOFAGIA, collection of essays inspired on discussion list of the Festival DIGITOFAGIA that brings together the context of Brazilian digital electronic culture. She was also responsible for the conception and management of Autolabs, prototype labs providing media literacy workshops in subjects such as radio, video, hardware, graphic design, and event production, based on tactical concepts using cheap DIY media. From 2011 to 2012, She conceptualized a collaborative documentation Dossie: clip/process in art, politics and accessible technologies that brings together a geopolitical and creative context in the Amazon region — http://comumlab.org


Tactical Archives

While the Internet became popular in Brazil at the beginning of the year 2000, a series of initiatives from artists and activists used this space to look for more open and networked communicative formats. Being part of these events and different initiatives Giseli Vasconcelos, Tati Wells and Cristina Ribas come together to concatenate a 20 years old collective narrative.

This work consists in a confluence of Brazilian tactical archives from the sites midiatatica.info and desarquivo.org. It is also the opening of a documentation that involves connections with activist art and early Brazilian internet culture. It suggests a timeline based on initiatives that have influenced the Brazilian scenario in techno-political and cultural aspects for approximately two decades of internet. As such, we suggest an online interface desarquivo.midiatatica.info | midiatatica.desarquivo.org, and a device-space (a laboratory!) to activate a collective gathering in the form of an experimental lecture (or a lecture that becomes a laboratory in itself) to take place in the conference. This experimental lecture will be focused on privileging networking from a feminist internet thought. The archival documentation includes the sharing of books that were edited along these years, articles, platforms, data bases and more.

The participation in the event happens through this mixed assemblage, having the experimental lecture as the core gathering in which authors and participants will discuss practices through a gender perspective.