October 19-21, 2018
Berlin, Germany

Elektra Wagenrad

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Elektra has been developing wireless mesh technology for community networks and solar powered systems in Germany, Bangladesh, India, Chile, Tanzania, South Africa. She is the author of 'Mesh' and one of the authors of "Wireless Networking in the Developing World."

She took part in the development of http://villagetelco.org and http://freifunk.net

Recently, she has developed the Freifunk-OpenMPPT, a open software/hardware solar controller with Maximum Power Point Tracking: https://wiki.freifunk.net/Freifunk-MPP-Tracker She also writes radical philosophical books about non-thinking and the relationship between language and consciousness.</p>

Presenting with Knut Hühne

ISEMS - Making Solar Powered Mesh Networks Easy

We would like to present the Independent Solar Energy Mesh System (ISEMS). Our system is deemed to make it easier for non-experts to build, monitor and manage their own wireless communication infrastructure, independent of the power grid. The project helps community (mesh) network users to operate and manage independent network nodes in hard-to-reach locations using solar energy.

ISEMS nodes consist of an energy-efficient mesh router, a solar panel, rechargeable batteries and a Freifunk OpenMPTT charge controller, the heart of the ISEMS project. Routers and MPPT charge controller communicate with each other. ISEMS monitors battery level, battery temperature, solar module energy data. It manages energy harvesting and power saving strategies.

With the ISEMS software users can connect to the local wifi and get an easy understanding about how their network is doing. The web-app shows them an overview of all their nodes as well as a checklist for the individual nodes. If something requires attention it advises users and provides next steps that they could take for troubleshooting.