October 18-20, 2019
Prime Produce, NYC

Arkadiy Kukarkin

Arkadiy Kukarkin has been trying to make the internet a better place for just over a decade, with mixed success. His work focuses on creating systems of support and expression that respect the intrinsic motivations and intent of the participant, and exploring the relationship between creative labor and reward. If the whole Internet thing doesn’t work out, he’ll probably be found in a kitchen or garden somewhere, or making atonal sounds with software/electronics, if there is a power supply.

Sound and Production Assistance for

Remembering Network

A memorial to biodiversity loss, hosted on the p2p web

There are 41,415 species on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species, and 16,306 of them are threatened with extinction. It makes up 27% of all assessed species, 40% of amphibians, 25% of mammals, 14% of birds, and 70% of assessed plants. Early this May, the United Nations released a report on global biodiversity loss, finding that it is in unprecedented decline as a result of human activities.

Take a deep breath and hold that in your mind. As we try to preserve and rebuild our world, we must also bear witness to the losses that came from our past carelessness. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a highly secure seed bank meant to preserve genetic information for future civilizations located on a remote island in Norway. Increasingly, it serves as a memorial, but it’s not accessible to most people as anything more than an idea. Remembering network is also a kind of monument - but one that is collaborative, local-first, diverse, and resilient - to lost and threatened wildlife. It will contain crowdsourced images and genetic information of currently threatened and endangered animals.

Attendees are invited to submit images of animals, to be packaged in archives on ipfs and other peer to peer protocols. Much like the seed bank, which is built to withstand many kinds of extreme climate and weather, peer to peer protocols are similarly designed to withstand network failures and takedown attempts. We'll put our memorial in the safest place we know: all over the world, everywhere.

Sound and production assistance from Arkadiy Kukarkin

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