October 19-21, 2018
Berlin, Germany

Adam Ringwood

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Adam Ringwood is a security researcher and distributed systems engineer. He has previously given talks around university LDAP data privacy, and building security culture. He has also help build several email phishing, and password cracking tools, and has been working to build and secure cloud infrastructure.


Internet Background Traffic

Ever wonder what happens if you stand up a server on the internet and monitor all incoming traffic? There are more people looking at you then you think. I've been running honeypots on the internet for the last 4 years on approximately a dozen servers across the internet. This talk will focus on internet background traffic that you will see regardless of what your server is being used for. We will discuss often run services such as ssh and wordpress and the spam it attracts and the attacks against them. The internet is being scanned every day by individuals who are monitoring it. Classifying this traffic and looking at who the sending party is can tell us valuable information about their intentions. It's also worth looking at what this background traffic can tell us about network design and topology in general and it can inform us as we build the next generation of network protocols. This talk will feature a heavy emphasis on visual representations of the above topics to give a more intuitive understand of them.