November 4-6, 2016
Chemistry Creative, 315 Ten Eyck Street, Brooklyn NY

Sarah Friend

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Sarah Friend is an artist, researcher, and technologist. She's currently studying blockchain interfaces and game design at Recurse Center. Before that, she was the senior designer and production director at Guild Eyewear, a start up that manufactures mass-customizable glasses. She is also the founder of Small Talk, an Interdisciplinary Lecture Series.

Performing with Rachel Boyce

Protective Rituals for Post-humans

A participatory art performance. We will guide participants through a chaos magic ritual to feed and strengthen the egregore of NYC Mesh and ward against malicious breach of privacy from unwanted entities.

In chaos magic, an egregore is an emergent phenomena similar to the genius loci, or spirit of a place. This performance will engage participants in actively co-creating such a communal entity, using a network-hosted smart phone app and the power of their intention. Participants should be ready to connect with their subconscious and/or minor godlike beings and get weird.

The mini-workshop session will cover the basics of chaos magic and working with collective emergent entities. We will then brainstorm our intentions for the NYC mesh network, and create a ward against malicious intrusion into the network and our devices. We will close by ritualistically casting our intent into the distributed void.

This workshop will be at once in the style of community-driven design practice, a situationist happening, and graphic novel made real.