November 4-6, 2016
Chemistry Creative, 315 Ten Eyck Street, Brooklyn NY

Saman Rezazadeh Tehrani


Saman is a computer engineer with great appreciation for computer arts. He holds a B.Sc in computer science from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. In 2016, he received his MFA in Design & Technology from Parsons School of Design, New York. In his professional life he focuses on creative software development, web development, and human computer interaction. He is also a computer programming instructor. His artworks often use robotics, sensory environments and physical computing as the means for communicating his ideas.

Workshop with Katherine Moriwaki - A Multi-hop Dynamic Routing Ad-Hoc Network

This workshop will explore artistic applications of multi-hop dynamic routing ad-hoc networks. In 2004 Katherine Moriwaki and Jonah Brucker-Cohen created the artwork The project utilized a functioning multi-hop dynamic ad-hoc network infrastructure, implemented by the NTRG - the Networking and Telecommunications Research Group at Trinity College Dublin. The network consisted of multiple moving network nodes whose physical and network configuration change in relation to each other constructing adaptive pathways of data in real-time. In 2016 Katherine Moriwaki and Saman Tehrani have begun to resurrect the project, utilizing contemporary technology and open source software and hardware. While twelve years have passed since the initial instance of this artwork there are still not many artworks that take advantage of a fully functioning multi-hop dynamic routing ad-hoc network as their underlying infrastructure. Katherine and Saman will discuss the current instance of the project and what features are currently being planned for the network. They will also compare past infrastructure and technology to what is currently available in the open source community and market. Participants will engage in an activity that will collectively imagine possible applications of these kinds of networks beyond the one being built for