October 19-22, 2017
Brooklyn, NY

Noah Cawley


I'm deeply interested in systems, human and machine. I am especially interested in instances of the latter that enable more humane configurations of the former. I work at Nike as a Senior Software Engineer.


Surveying the Commune Cloud: Joining Hands to Decentralize (Compute) Power

We know well the economic and digital power we cede in adopting applications built upon centralized "cloud" infrastructure. This talk argues that a fruitful path towards re-empowerment lies in the commune cloud. The commune cloud draws together a set of technologies that allow individual and community owned compute resources to be arbitrarily federated and enabled to safely execute arbitrary computation; in short, we need to move the cloud from the data center to our phones. Gathering ideas contained in the work on decentralized public key infrastructure, filecoin, seccomp-bpf, linux namespaces and capabilities, peer-to-peer networks, botnets, sandboxing, delegative democracy, and edge computing we’ll imagine a path back to empowerment through the commune cloud.