November 4-6, 2016
Chemistry Creative, 315 Ten Eyck Street, Brooklyn NY

Nick Briz

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hi, my name is nick briz && i'm a new_media artist / educator / organizer living + working in chicago, IL. i'm critically obsessed w/the Internet + all my work is re:to digital culture; specifically: digital literacy + ecology, netizen rights, glitch art, net art, remix. i organize events on these topix ( GLI.TC/H, NO-MEDIA, etc ) && teach on these topix ( SAIC, Marwen, www ) && produce work on these topix ( independently && commercially w/Branger_Briz ). my work's been shown internationally ( FILE Media Arts Festival, the Images Festival, the Museum of Moving Image, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, etc. ) && i've been featured in on/off-line publications around the world ( VICE,, Fast Company, El Mundo, Neural, etc. ). my work is distributed through Video Out Distribution as well as openly and freely on the web.

Presenting with Brannon Dorsey (Collaborating as Branger_Briz)


WebRoutes provides a viewer with a window into the internet infrastructure and geopolitical network topology that is inherently invisible to them as they browse the web. By visualizing an augmented traceroute process, WebRoutes identifies the Autonomous Networks (AS), ISPs, Internet Exchange Point (IXP) crossings, and Submarine Cables that work together to ping-pong TCP/IP packets back and forth from their web browsers to servers. By elongating a process that usually takes milliseconds, our installation allows the viewer to follow, analyze, and draw conclusions about the intricate, often counter-intuitive, paths their packets take on their journey through the Internet.