October 19-22, 2017
Brooklyn, NY

Julien Deswaef

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Julien Deswaef is an artist and technologist. Active both in visual art as well as in coding, he has the ability to transform "plastic ideas" into digital realities. He regularly collaborates with artists in the world of entertainment, music, plastic and digital arts. Engaged in Open Source and Free Softwares as an ethical principle, relevantly provides the connection between the visual arts, the world of contemporary images and the most advanced aspects in digital research.


Buena Vista Social Network

Cuba has many faces. But one of its lesser known is how Cubans access this worldwide network of networks called The Internet. We do know Cubans have to go through hoops in order to do things that we take for granted elsewhere and thus have mastered the art of achieving great things with a limited access to resources. This presentation is an ongoing research, a picture of the wonders that shape the networking landscape of this island and a wake-on-LAN message to connect with the rest of us.