November 4-6, 2016
Chemistry Creative, 315 Ten Eyck Street, Brooklyn NY

Gottfried Haider

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Gottfried Haider. MFA in Design Media Arts at UCLA. Currently based in Amsterdam working as an educator, artist and tool-builder. Contributing to various open source initiative, including the Processing project.

Exhibiting and Presenting

Ultra-Low Bandwidth Remote Sensing

I want to present a proposition for the continuous examination of remote locations, making use of energy harvesting, custom low-bandwidth image compression schemes, and piggybacking the data onto regular APRS tactical radio packages. Once relayed through an internet APRS gateway, the packages are ingested by custom software, and used to generate a real-time audio/visual environment (a "best-effort" reconstruction of the source site).

With a long term fascination for sensing at a distance and low-bandwidth scenarios, connected to powerful personal memories of accessing mars rover imagery through 56k modem lines in the 90s, I started conceiving my own protocol and implementation while participating in a land auction for property in the high desert. The purchase ultimately fell through (for the time being), but I continued the inquiry, the results of which I'd love to share with the audience at the conference.

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