October 19-22, 2017
Brooklyn, NY

Evelyn Masso

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Evelyn Masso is a person, engineer, and teacher. She currently writes software at Carbon Five and teaches design and technology at UCLA Extension. Evelyn has designed and built experiences at a variety of scales, from immersive installations to wearables to mobile apps. Her work history includes roles in design and development at Oblong Industries and Belkin International. She has co-organized an art and tech meetup, a workshop on whiteness, and a service design jam. Evelyn enjoys quiet coffee shops and does her best at intersectional feminism.


Designing Network User Interfaces

How do we design for the agency of network hardware’s end users? Home router configuration is difficult without extensive technical understanding (and designing that experience is equally hard). I’ll discuss concepts and design patterns for guiding non-technical users through the setup their own home router. We’ll focus on a standard consumer wi-fi router setup experience and draw on competitive analysis of the major consumer router brands to compare different design patterns. I’ll also talk about my experience applying these ideas while working as a user experience designer at a major consumer networking company.