October 19-22, 2017
Brooklyn, NY

Bruno Freitas


Bruno is a system analist with emphasis in Telecom networks. He works as an independent activist for the Civil rights and democratization and free access to the means of production, including, but not limited to, communications.


COOLAB - Support, Empower and Connect

We are going to talk about the Coolab initiative ( http://coolab.org/ ), which aims to create a workflow that will bring internet connectivity to areas where there's none or it's expensive. We received an award from the Mozilla Foundation in the Equal Rating Challenge in the beginning of the year, which allowed us to create a revolving fund to invest in community networks. By exploring the own networks, the communities buy us back the loan, that can thus be reinvested in new places. Besides the technical activities of the cooperative, our model of work aims to introduce the associativist organizational structure in order for the community to manage their own infrastructure. This line of work wants to leverage autonomy at the communities, which in turn may facilitate the generation of revenue for the people of the community. Through micro-investments, we build the technical and social infrastructure to enable the community to manage their own internet connection.