November 4-6, 2016
Chemistry Creative, 315 Ten Eyck Street, Brooklyn NY

Adam Rothstein

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Adam Rothstein is an archivist, writer, and artist. He writes about art, history, and technology wherever he can get a signal. He is most interested in the canons of history and prediction, the so-called "Future-Weird", the unstable ramifications of today's cultural technology and infrastructural systems, and the materials and ideas out of which we build things.

From a professional standpoint, Adam is a freelance writer, installation artist, and is currently a co-curator of Weird Shift, a research and gallery project in Portland, Oregon.


Zeir Anpin - the Rainbow

Constructed from only "common" technological transmitters––FM car stereo adapters, walkie-talkies, VCRs, TV dipoles, personal radios, remote bluetooth speaker gizmos, wireless microphones, etc––and without using any custom hardware or code, these radio repeater networks will showcase how easy it is to set up a daisy chain of broadcast-ready transmitters using equipment that could be found at a thrift store.

The performance will create a looping, feedback-induced sound/drone art piece, substantiated through the equipment and the electromagnetic spectrum in two separate channels. As each repeater channel is established, the combined waves of sound and radiated energy will form two overlapping triangles––a space of meditation, reflection, and personal insight. Our technology serves as building blocks for larger works of creation. In this space, constituted by the technological detritus cast off by an ostensibly progressive electronic culture, the covenant between humanity and technology could be re-established.